Meet the Team

Jim McNeilJim McNeil Profile
Jim is a senior organizational change consultant and managing director bringing four decades of manufacturing experience to the work of creating world class organizations. His focus is assisting leaders in developing and implementing the strategies and systems necessary for sustainable success.

He was first exposed to world class manufacturing principles in the 1980’s. Visiting top rated sites in Japan, Europe, Africa and the United States he learned the keys to implementation, manufacturing excellence and sustainability.

Jim has worked in the U.S. and Europe with leaders at all levels in: corporations, governmental agencies, non-profits and trade unions. Industry experience includes: service, manufacturing, health care, pharmaceutical, telecom and advanced technology.

He holds a graduate degree in Organization Development from Norwich University and undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Detroit College of Business.

He is co-author of two books: Whole-Scale Change: “Unleashing the Magic in Organizations” and a field guide for Whole-Scale practitioners title “Whole-Scale Change ToolKit” published by Barrett-Koehler and published in Journal of the Organization Development Network, Vol.35,No.1 – 2003 “Creating and Maintaining Successful Strategic Alliances.”

David McNeilDavid McNeil Profile

David McNeil is an organizational change specialist working with Competitive Dynamics International since 2011. His work career began in Detroit’s auto industry where he gained manufacturing experience and leadership skills at the Ford Motor Company. These early working years with Ford, sparked his interest in continuous improvement, process sustainability and employee engagement.

Earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1996 from Michigan State University, he applied his science background and experience at Ford, working for Federal, State and non-profit agencies over the next decade. This work included scientific research, managing projects, introducing Lean practices, guiding mentorship programs, and developing partnerships among governmental agencies and private interests.

From frontline manufacturing to building organizations, David’s varied professional work experiences and educational background provide his clients a knowledgeable blend of Science, Manufacturing, Lean and People expertise. Since joining CDI he has worked with clients in food processing, bio-fuels production and both light and heavy manufacturing.

Randy ZatrockRandy Zatrock
Randy left Western Pennsylvania with an MBA degree from West Virginia University about forty years ago and knew it was time to “get to work”.

He joined a large glass manufacturer and his career in the industrial sector began. Over the next thirty plus years he has held positions in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Training and Quality. This background gives him the ability to see an organization from a big picture perspective. He has experience in how different functions within an organization work independently, but also how they interact with each other. He can help identify how each work group contributes to the over-all organization objectives.

The last ten years of Randy’s career were spent in Quality- Management and Consulting. He has devoted much of his time to establishing quality assurance systems in such diverse disciplines as medical equipment, navigational devices, technology, and explosives. He is a certified quality systems auditor and has guided seven organizations through the ISO-9000 registration process.

ROSA ZAPATARosa Zapata Profile
“I believe lost time is never found again, every moment is precious. If you have a dream, you have a duty to make it happen and there is no greater joy than to serve and empower others.”

As a specialist in organizational change and business transformation, Rosa has contributed more than 15 years of experience at global organizations. Her focus is to help companies build a culture of continuous improvement with special emphasis on dramatically increasing the commitment of employees at all levels of the organization.

As Director of Competitive Dynamics International Latin America (CDI Latin America), She has had the opportunity to introduce World Best Practices through our MDW® (Mission-Directed Workteams®) model in Latin America and, through this, help companies improve their business goals. She has collaborated with different operations in Ecuador, Peru, Central America, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile in various sectors such as: Mining, Bottling, Pulp & Paper Industry and Agricultural Services among others.

Her training as a Chemical Engineer and Master in Quality Systems and Productivity (in Honduras, Mexico and USA), does have a holistic view (Persons- Processes-Business Management). She has served areas of Quality and Production in beer and soft drink plants respectively (SABMiller). Part of the achievements of this administration was obtaining first place in the Central American ranking of Coca-Cola, the implementation of the pilot project export syrup Honduras to El Salvador.

She has also been Professor of Statistical Process Control and Fluid Mechanics at the School of Chemical Engineering at the National Autonomous University of Honduras and the Technological University of Honduras (UTH), which strengthened her ability to facilitator and educator. She is a member of ASQ (American Society for Quality) and CIMEQH (College of Mechanical Engineers, Electrical and Chemical Honduras). She has fluent communication skills in both Spanish and English.

Alan Matheson
Alan Matheson Profile
Alan is a business transformation and organizational change specialist bringing over 30 years of experience in global manufacturing companies. His focus is on assisting businesses to build a culture of continuous improvement with a specific focus on dramatically elevating employee engagement at all levels.
Alan recently started working with Competitive Dynamics International. His work career began in the UK’s mining industry where he gained experience from the frontline up through supervision and ultimately management. He then transitioned his career into manufacturing management where he has worked for large global leaders like GE and Motorola and also had the opportunity to run smaller European and North American businesses as the GM.
He has led change initiatives in both highly commoditized and high technology B2B and B2C product businesses. He is a hands- on practitioner of Six Sigma and Lean tools and has applied these to change programs in factories, R&D centers, customer care facilities and field sales teams.
Earning a Bachelor of Science Degree from Cardiff University in Wales, Alan then went on late to complete a post-graduate Fellowship in Manufacturing Management at Cranfield University in England. He moved to Chicago in 2004 with Motorola and now resides in Central PA.