What We Do


Competitive Dynamics International is a team that spans the globe bringing Mission-directed Work Teams to organizations around the world.

In the United States and Canada, Competitive Dynamics is led by Jim McNeil, a senior organizational change consultant with over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing and the service sectors. He is supported by a team of experienced professionals dedicated to your organization’s success.


  • We contribute to an organization’s success by enhancing their ability to provide quality products or services, faster and more cost-effectively then their competitors.
  • We assist organizations in creating a culture where employees are actively engaged in their work and committed to the goals of the enterprise – a workplace that values the intelligence, experience and advice provided by the people that do the work.
  • We provide leaders and their teams the skills to identify and exploit opportunities for improvement.


  • Through our program Mission-directed Work Teams (MDW), employees are introduced to “world class” best practice in the Workplace Processes, Leadership, and People. This occurs over time, throughout the organization.
  • Mission-directed Work Teams (MDW) transforms a traditional worksite into one that has aligned goals and a common purpose.
  • Teams are formed and function as their own mini-businesses that zero in on their customer needs and are empowered to meet them.
  • Progress is sustained through our method of coaching reviews and accountability practices.


  • We know that organizations we work with expect and demand a sizeable return on the time and money they invest in this effort.
  • We know that employee engagement is the key to a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • We know that in organizations where employees are actively engaged, that by virtually every measure, these companies out preform their competitors lacking this engagement.
  • We know that management must be committed to supporting this culture of engagement.
  • We know that to be successful, our approach must be simple, structured and sustainable.
  • Finally, we know how to do it and have a track record to prove it.