World-Class Competitiveness is the result of an organization’s ability to provide quality products or services, faster and more cost effective than competitors.

Mission-Directed Work Teams Program

The Mission-Directed Work Teams Program (MDW) is a lean work system, developed by Competitive Dynamics International, and designed to transform an organization into a World-Class performer.   MDW focuses on the implementation of “best practice” in leadership, processes and people throughout the organization. Teams are formed and function as their own mini-businesses that zero in on their customer’s needs and are empowered to meet them.

Goal Alignment is Key

A clear “line of sight” is established between the Organization’s Strategy and the objectives of each team. Goals are determined for Quality, Speed, Cost, Safety and People.

Triggers (corrective action plans) are also set to provide for quick and decisive problem solving and solution implementation.  Measures and improvement actions are reviewed daily, by each team, in short pre-shift meetings.

Can Your Company Benefit from Mission-Directed Work Teams?

The Mission-Directed Work Teams Program is presently deployed at 3100 client sites located in 51 countries around the world! Some of these work sites are large and others small.  Take a look at our partial client list for companies that you may know.   Speak with Jim McNeil, CDI-USA Director for more information specific to your industry and how we can assist your organization in becoming a World-Class Performer!

To simply MONITOR performance is waste.  To MANAGE performance is World Class!

Please use our website to find out more about the MDW Program; find out the type of results your can expect to achieve; get answers to frequently asked questions; see our USA based clients; and meet CDI’s managing director, Jim McNeil.